Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Tree and Bam Bam (AKA Jake)

We got the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. It's beautiful. Katie got home from the lake and just stared up at it. For about 10 seconds, then she ran off to play downstairs.

Jake doesn't seem to care much. The only time he pays attention to the tree is when the bench is moved out of the way of it and he can alllllmost touch it with his tiny hands if he stretches as much as he can. So, the bench is usually in the way.

He's actually started to grab the edge of the window ledge and, holding on tight he lifts up his legs. I tried to get it on video last night but the lights were dim and the picture wasn't clear.

Between that and climbing onto the couch, I would say we're going to be in trouble sooner than I thought.

The kids have gone to play center and Katie's gone to Cubbies. I think they enjoy the activities.

We went to Paigey's birthday party a last weekend and had fun watching the kids play. Katie wanted to be rightnexttoPaige during present opening and at one point asked if she could play with the little people game after Uncle Mike got done opening it "and then Paigey can play with it" but that was vetoed. Because, you know... obviously not Katie's birthday or Katie's toy.

It was cute.

Not much else has happened in our little world aside from the usual hijinks and catastrophies courtesy of two wonderful children who make me laugh pretty much most of the time I'm with them.

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