Monday, December 14, 2009

Katie loved the ballerina Nutcracker we saw at Target... And also, No Diet Coke!

We went out on Sunday afternoon to do our bi-weekly grocery shop.

It was a looong day. Started at Payless to return my boots because I had already found a cheaper pair at Kohls. Katie tried some shoes on but decided that none of them hit her fancy EXCEPT for the pink sparkly pair that really weren't at all practical and wouldn't even match her Christmas outfit. So mommy vetoed. She had her foot measured and came up as a toddler 8 1/2 or 9. As we were leaving, the lady who helped us said goodbye and Katie stopped just outside the door and lifted her booted foot and said "I didn't find any shoes but we buy these already." Then she kind of nodded her head and off we went.

On to Aldi. I don't usually shop there but we paid our quarter for the cart and found some wonderful bargains. Katie also found the toy section and asked me over and over "Mama, when I grow up, can I have this toy?" and I always say "Katie, when you grow up and have a job, if this is in your budget, you can buy it." That works for her and for me! She got a little fussy there, wanting to go over each toy and ask that same question.

Finally we left (after getting our quarter back) and drove to Costco. Got some yummy samples that I gave to Katie and was so tempted to buy a juicer for $398. I had to repeat to myself over and over "I am not a juicer person. We have a juicer we do not use." That got us out of the immediate area. Besides, it was a big box and there wasn't any room for it in the cart, what with the baby wipes, Katie, chicken, and other assorted goods already taking up most of the space.

Got done shopping and paid with one of the two checks I brought with me. Then we stopped at the snack area and ordered a hot dog and pop. And had to break out the other check. Cause they don't take cash cards! Arg. Enjoyed that while Katie had a long chat with Honey who happened to be sitting between her and a man and woman on her other side. I wonder what they were thinking. Her conversation with Honey was very long and there were many hand gestures.

Went to Target next and got a few grocery things. Bought a trash can that I thought would fit in the cupboard under our sink (since Jake thinks it's the funnest thing EVER to hold onto the trash can we already have and try to chew on it. Maybe he thinks our expressions of horror as we rush across the room to him are funny.) but when we got home I realized that there have to be pipes under the sink to, you know, drain the water or something techy like that.

Got some other stuff and stopped so Katie could look at every one of the Nutcrackers on the end display. She very carefully touched the ballerina's long hair and it was almost like she was holding her breath and trying to be so gentle. So precious!

We walked through the girls section and Katie saw the Christmas dresses. As we're walking, I saw her head slowly turn to stare at them and she veered off to look. That's the first time I've seen her do that for clothes! She said "Look Mama." I asked her if she liked that dress and if she wanted to get that dress instead of the other Christmas dress we already had. She did... her face was beaming! Then I reminded her the her other Christmas dress had a small matching dress for Baby Doll. She took her hand away and thought about it and said, "No, I keep that dress." Then looked at the other dresses and said, "Oh, this is pretty." I told her it wasn't in her size and she said "Oh, I so dissappointed. Okay, let's go mommy." And that was that.

Then we went home and hung out.

Watched So You Think You Can Dance (and I can not dance so it's just fun to watch). Katie watched the dancers and then Daddy danced with her. The next type of dance was hip hop. John told her that for hip hop you don't hold hands... you just dance. She didn't like that and said "I no like hip hop. I want to hold hands!" So they held hands and danced and it was sweet to see.

Jake went to sleep early and Katie fell asleep in the middle of the conversation between her toy frog and toy whale.

Oh, earlier while I was taking a shower and she was "just bisitin" me in the bathroom, she was playing with the two fish, frog and the whale (they are bath toys) and she came and asked me "What does a whale eat?" and I told her fish. Then she said "Okay." and went back to her toys. A few seconds later, she came back and asked "What does a frog eat?" and I told her insects. She said okay again and went back to playing. I heard her say "Here are some yummy pretend insects froggy. And some yummy pretend fish for you whale."

All in all, a pretty good day.

Oh, except for the fact that there was NO Diet Coke at Target... at all. The lady even checked in the back for me. Grrrr. Arg.

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