Thursday, October 8, 2009

Katie is not sick.

That's what she told me yesterday during our bathroom conversation.

I told her that she was sick because her nose was running, her voice sounded funny, and she was coughing lots.

She disagreed.

But she stayed home from Cubbies anyway. Well, that and she didn't want to go to Cubbies. So it was good that she was a little sick so I didn't feel like I had to take her anyway.

She was going to go with Grandma for the first time but maybe next week.

Both kids went to bed and then, at about 1:30 a.m., Jake woke up. I brought him to the living room to rock with him and a few minutes later, out comes Katie. She walks into the living room, announces that she has to go potty and needs help so off we go.

Jake sat on the bathroom rug while I assisted and then we all went to the living room. Did I mention it was 1:30 in the morning???

Katie wanted to watch tv... I told her it was too late for tv and she said she wanted to watch my shows. Still too late. We sat in our chairs and fell asleep. I woke up at 4 a.m. and got everyone to bed and Jake woke up AGAIN at about 4:30 and that's when John took over.

What a night. This is the 3rd night in a row for Katie to have woken up... I hope she gets better soon!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry the kids are sick. G is sick too. I had a flu shot and pneumonia shot yesterdy and now my arm is so sore. I am having chills. Not fun. I am in my office with the heater on to get warmed up. Feels good.