Thursday, October 8, 2009

Katie is my "precious daughter"

Me, the kids, and grandma and grandpa went to dinner on Tuesday night. Katie had to go potty not once but TWICE in the hour and a half we were there.

The first time was a quick visit to the bathroom (where she's gotten used to mommy's "don't touch ANYthing in here... no, not even leaning against the wall... no, not even the counter... no, nothing. Because there are germs." Yes, she does wash her hands but I sort of suspend her above the counter... like she's flying. And she's getting heavy at 3 and a half years old!

She's a good listener when it comes to this - and if I see her start to reach for stuff, I just reminder her of the messy house show (how clean is your house) and that usually stops her because... have you seen how icky those houses are before they are cleaned. Very icky. Katie agrees.

We go back to the table, eat dinner, then have to go for our second visit. This was more lengthy. We had time to converse.

Katie: So mommy, how was your day?
Mommy: Good sweetie, how was your day?
Katie: Good.
Mommy: Are you done sweetie?
Katie: No, not yet.
(I probably asked her this 5 times while we were there.)

Katie: Mommy, I Honey's mama, and you my mama, and grandma is my grandma and grandpa is my grandpa.
Mommy: That's right! You're Honey's mama, I'm your mama, Grandma is my mama.
Katie: Mama, Grandma is my grandma and you her daughter and I your precious daughter.

She totally is.

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