Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another letter to my sweet Katie (otherwise titled: You're too young to need makeup)

Katie, you are so precious. Mommy loves looking at your sweet little face. It's so different from just a year ago... and even though you still resemble the 1-year-old I remember so fondly, you don't look like the little baby you once were.

It's because you're so young that I didn't think we would need to talk about this yet.

It's something I hoped we could avoid till you were at least... 10?

or even older would be great.



And, yes, you're a big girl but you are not big enough to need powder, blush and mascara. Mommy was very relieved that you did not poke out your eye when you tried to apply what turned out to be a large black clump near your eyebrow and a black smear across your nose. Very relieved that daddy did not have to make the call to mommy telling me to rush to the hospital because of a bad owie.

Also, it may have seemed like a good idea to use mommy's blush brush and blush... oh, and my powder foundation, but you've got such beautiful skin that it was really gilding the lilly.

Oh, and mommy's blush brush is not the same as your paint brush. It should not get wet, (especially, since I think you might have used it as a sink cleaning brush - so even if it could have been saved, mommy would not have wanted to use it anywhere near her face in the future - then put it back into mommy's makeup bin) ever. Oh, and something to remember for future blush use: when you put blush on your face with a wet brush, it looks a little cakey. And not the good kind of cake.

So, let's talk about makeup when you're just a little older... like, 20? (did I ever say 10 cause I'll deny it!) and we'll figure it out then.

Love you sweetie!!!!


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