Thursday, March 26, 2009

Katie and the priceless play-doh moment

Katie was downstairs playing with grandpa tonight and my dad told me a funny story about their play-doh playtime. I thought it was so cute and asked him to write it down so I could post it - I was holding Jacob at the time and didn't want to move him. It was the first time in about 3 hours he hadn't been fussing or crying and I didn't want to break the peace to get paper and pen to take this down!

In Grandpa's words:
Katie was playing with her new play dough tonight. I had a small piece of it and asked her what I should make. She said to make a face of baby Jakey. After I did that she gave me another piece and said to make mommy. I did, then she gave me another piece and said to make daddy. Then I suggested Katie. Then she wanted Paige. Then I made Uncle Mike and Jenny. Then she wanted someone whom I could not understand till she said ????? and Marvin so I said Janice and she said yes Janice and Marvin so I did. Then I said who are we missing, I thought she would say Grampa and Grama but she said Grampy and Gramy so I made them. I asked again who are we missing and pointed to me. She said grampa and grama. I said maybe we need a puppy and she said Chico with teeth. My note: Chico was our dog, a long-haired chihuahua, who we had for about 2 months before he went to live with a lady who was thrilled with him! We haven't had him here for at least 5 months if not longer! After Chico I suggested Tuffy and Maggie. One more piece left and I suggested Abuelito and she was pleased with that. She did have another piece left and I suggested that she do one by herself. We could not figure out what else to do and I suggested Jesus but she said no not Jesus. She wanted to make God. She stared to sing God loves me. God loves me. In my Bible book it says that God loves me. She rolled a ball and poked three holes and that was God.

Katie loves to sing that song. She is very specific about her songs. Sometimes she wants to hear one of the songs she knows, like Jesus Loves Me or Old McDonald, exclusively and other times she doesn't mind when I change it up a little. She also loves to hear me sing a song I made up for her when she was a baby and I've sung it so many times that it's a classic for her. I catch her singing it to herself a lot and I love it!

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