Friday, March 27, 2009

Is Jacob the next Jack Nicholson?

Every day I wonder if it will happen again and every evening at about 6:30, it does. Our beautiful, sweet, smiling son turns cranky, fussy, and inconsolable. Oh, he has moments, sometimes even minutes, of happy smiles until without warning his little face scrunches up and he starts to wail. This is not fun. At all. Especially after a full day of eating, diaper changes, and sleeping in his swing.

I thought it could be that he was getting too much sleep all day and that the swing was like a drug, pulling him into a comatose sleep for 3 hours at a stretch but today I was proved wrong. The batteries in the swing went dead after Jacob's first 3-hour nap. (Cue the thunder and lightning, light flicker, eerie music.) As a result, he was not lulled gently to sleep while looking out the window and as a result, I needed to hold him nearly all day. This isn't a bad thing, he's a sweet armful, but Katie has gotten used to me being available to play with her or look for things or fill her sippy cup right NOW and I had gotten used to throwing in a load of laundry, keeping toys coralled, and getting some time to clean and tidy up. That did not happen today. At least now I know that his evening irritability is definately not due to getting too much sleep during the day in his swing because he did it again tonight. I live in the hope that this is a very short phase in our little Jacob's life.

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