Friday, February 6, 2009

We Love You to the Moon & Back

Welcome to The Tiessen Ticket!

Greetings from Uncle Mike and Aunt Jenny. Our gift to Baby Jacob is a new blog where his mommy, daddy, and big sister can post pictures, videos, and stories about him and the whole Tiessen crew!

Since Kristi and Jacob are both still at the hospital for the rest of the weekend, we'll be on blog duty for a little while. Eventually we'll let Kristi and John take over.

Here is what we know about Jacob so far:

Full name: Jacob Vincent George Tiessen (Vincent is a family name on Kristi's side & George on John's)

Born at 2:21pm at Unity Hospital on February 6th, 2009

He weighed in at 9lbs 5oz (actually 4.9oz according to John)

He's 21.5 inches long when he's not snuggled up.

He's got some hair, not nearly as much as Katie did.

Kristi says he's got Vince's nose, John says he has his ears too. We think he looks like his big sister.

The first thing Kristi wanted to know was "is it a boy?!"

Loud crier but Kristi already knows how to quiet him down.

Seems to be a good sleeper (so far). Very content to lay in his hospital bassinet next to Mom.

Katie held him for a loooong time and didn't want to give him to anyone else.

They let John videotape the surgery


Anonymous said...

He is just the most precious little boy we have seen since 7/21/06 (our great-grand-son Alex's birth).Ha However, much bigger. He is so alert and definitely has family features...sorry John. He is a very beautiful baby!!! Best wishes!
Lots of love, Great,great, Uncle Marvin & Auntie Janice

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice....I am so happy he has gotten to go home to a larger sleeping space. Another 3 days in the hospital bassinet may have proven to be a catastrophic event.

What a precious little life...he looks to be a pre-football player. He is sooo big and yet he is the smallest he will ever be. That is alot to swallow.

Katie looks like quite the caring and loving big sister....and to think it will be a short little while, and brother Jacob will be the protector of her.

Hope all is going well for you Kristi and John. A whole new life to care for and enjoy.

Connie Sonsalla