Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jacob Update

Jacob has been here for almost a week! Here are some of his latest pictures and updates on the family.

These are a few more pics from the hospital. I can't tell who looks the proudest; John, Uncle Mark & Aunt Colleen, or "Big Sister" Katie.

As you can see, Jacob is getting settled in at home. Kristi is glad to have him in his own little outfits and blankets, not the hospital gear. He got a nice visit from Laurie Kruger-from-work too! Sorry if I spelled your name wrong Laurie!

Here he is getting his first bottle from Grandpa and a big snuggle from his FABULOUS Aunt Jenny! For anyone who wasn't sure, Mike and I are obviously still in charge of Jacob's blog. :)

We had a long visit with the family today, here is the latest information:

Jacob seems to be a good eater and a good sleeper. John has been taking the night shift so Kristi can sleep and recover from surgery. She says the time at home this week has been a little more difficult pain wise than it was with Katie. She stayed in the hospital quite a bit longer the first time, so that's a factor. Kristi said that she was feeling better tonight (Thursday) than she has all week, so that's good news!

Jacob is a pretty happy little kid too! He's been easy to sooth but hasn't done much crying anyway. He's even made some cute smile faces at his parents.

Now that they've had a chance to get a good look at him, Kristi and John have discovered that Jacob's got really long toes! Kristi thinks he's got a "Gonzalez" nose, and the same mouth that Katie had. John says he's sees some Tiessen in him too.

He really is a cuddler, likes to be held. He kind of drapes his arm up over your shoulder and hangs on.

Katie is taking all the changes in stride. She was very excited to show her brother to us when we got there tonight. "Unco Mike, come see OUR baby!" I guess there have been a few other cute Katieisms concerning Jacob. Apparently she's been asking Kristi some questions about the "milk machine" (AKA breast-pump) she uses to make Jacob's bottles.

He'll have a Dr. appointment on Monday afternoon so we'll post any news from that visit once we have it.


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