Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And baby makes three... *gulp*



Threeeee kids...

We're still trying to wrap our minds around that news even after the ultrasound where we saw the baby's heartbeat.  Even after nausea became my (unwanted) pal.  Even after waking up at least 3 times each night for a bathroom break.  Even after noticing my pants getting just a little bit tighter....

      Even after thinking we were perfectly happy with
                  one boy
                              one girl.

Yep, we're still trying to wrap our minds around having a baby.

We're excited though.  I mean, after we got over the whole "wow" factor (where we repeated that one word every time we thought about the baby), after we processed the whole thing and the shock wore off and it really hit us that we were going to be parents again... we were more excited.

And here I thought I had put away my wistful* thoughts of going through pregnancy again, of feeling the little flutters, of waiting to see how this new little person would grow up, and my dreams of being able to snuggle with a tiny baby (who can't push mommy away because he or she is too busy playin') but now, with this news, they're back in full force. 

*Sure, I was thinking more in a "wouldn't it be nice but nope, we're good where we are" way but what's that old saying?

Oh, and in case you're wondering... things I'm not looking forward to would include (but aren't limited to) sleepless nights, baby vomit, buying formula, and changing 50 diapers in a day.

So I'm due in June.  With number 3. 

Here's an ultrasound pic showing the baby at about 8 weeks.

And this one will be our last. 

(Really.  I know we said that after Jake, but this time it's absolutely, definitely, positively FOR SURE.)


Mama4Real said...

Well congrats!!! I know that it's probably scary right now, but I've heard that going from 2 to 3 is easy peasy (I'm not brave enough though!)
My friend wrote a blog about having 3 kids,here's the link:

Hope that helps you :)

Anonymous said...

Yea! I am soooo excited and happy for you, Kristina~! Three is truly wonderful...altho we lost our third one occasionally ~ ha! congrats!