Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What?! I won an awesome prize? Well, I don't usually buy lottery tickets... maybe now would be the time to start?

Do you ever see a drawing or contest and think, "Wow, it would be so awesome to win THAT!!!"?

Well, me too.  And I'll usually enter the drawing for a car, or a grill, or a soda can cozy and never hear another word.

But the other day I entered a contest on Parenting by Dummies (a very funny blog that I read pretty faithfully) and actually WON.

That doesn't happen to me every day so I was pretty shocked.  And I'll bet it was my witty comment or scintillating personality that really turned the tide in my direction...

Or maybe it was a random number generator.

But whatev.  I'm still a winner, even if my wit didn't play a part.

So a big, HUGE Thanks goes out to Dumb Mom.  Thanks for "upping the awesome" in my day!

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