Sunday, July 11, 2010

John and I Get Out of the House... and a little Bathroom Humor

If you'll remember, a few weeks back I posted about my date with John to Feed My Starving Children.

Well, tonight we went to Famous Dave's for dinner.  Mom watched the kids so it was actually a date-date.

We were catapulted back to our single days (except for the coupon I had for our dinner thanks to "liking" Famous Dave's on Facebook, because pre-kid a coupon was never something we considered... now with Katie in pre-school it's a little more important to save where we can) and enjoyed talking without having to refill a juice glass or pick something up off of the floor or help with a potty break mid-meal.

I did crack up a little when I went to the ladies room.  There was a mom with her daughter in one of the stalls and I could have recited the lines with her, I use them so often with Katie!

Mom: Are you done?
Kid: No.  Not yet.
Mom, after a slight pause: Are you done yet?
Kid: No... almost done.
Mom, after another pause (and me silently laughing to myself in the stall): Are you finished honey?  Are you going anymore?
Kid: Yes, all done.
Mom: *heavy exhale*
Kid: Wait, not done yet.
Mom: *sigh*

This is totally how every potty break with Katie seems to go!  It was hilarious to be on the outside of the conversation and I felt a certain... kinship with the woman.  Especially after they came to the sinks and the mom hoisted the kid up, her little legs flailing about behind mom and little soapy hands reaching to the sink.  (You know, the classic airplane pose.)  Unfortunately the sink, one of the automatic ones, refused to go on.  And the mom seemed to be about ready to start laughing (not the ha ha laugh but the laugh that I've laughed many times before when the situation just seems too ridiculous for words and if you don't laugh you're going to start to cry big "poor me" tears) hysterically.  I could just imagine me and Katie in this same situation.  Soapy hands, kid in place, the end of the bathroom visit in sight... and the sink won't work.  So I hurried up so they could use my sink and I chuckled all the way to my table.

Ahhh, good times.

Anyway... For some strange reason, the minute I walk into Famous Dave's I begin to think that it's perfectly logical, nay, necessary to order a whole half a cow for dinner (along with the cornbread muffin, corn on the cob section, cinnamon apples, and fries... yep.  AND fries).  When the food comes I'm always a little bit in awe of the size of the thing.  John and I usually share but today... today we had a COUPON!

So I did what any sane person would do.  I ordered the half slab of ribs.  Justified by telling myself that I can bring leftovers home with me.  Still thinking that I would totally scarf this meal down because I hadn't eaten much that day and I was soooo due for a good meal.  And did I say I had a coupon?  That just makes the meal (well, any purchase really) that much better.

The food was great.  Our time together was great.  The silence in the car was awesome... but it was still good to get home and see the kids.  The kids who had a great time with Grandma.

Probably just as much fun with her as they did with me yesterday when we... organized toys.

Yep.  You heard me right.

I know they are probably going to end up all over the house again soon, but for now they're in order and not underfoot.  While we were organizing, I sat down in front of the bins we bought for Katie but left in Jake's room once she moved into her own room.  (After all, the pink, green, and blue bins match Jake's hand-me-down pink room.  With the pink curtains.  And the flower decals on the wall.  And the pink Hello Kitty lamp. *ahem*  The only concession we made with the change in ownership was to move the butterflies out and put them up in Katie's room.  We've got to paint that soon... I'm thinking blue would be a great color.)

As soon as I sat down, Jake came over to me and sat down just in front of me.  Close enought that I couldn't move my legs.  Then Katie came over and sat down on my legs.  Not conducive for cleaning.  But we still made progress (and when I say "made progress" I mean that I actually found a place for 90% of the stuff.  The rest of it we just shoved into two of the bins but it's still progress).

Then it was bedtime.  Thank goodness.

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Anonymous said...

Love you blogs hun. No one comment on this one so I thought I would, You make our life sound so good. LOL not that it isnt but you put a nice twist on it. Love you