Friday, June 4, 2010

A visit to Urgent Care does not a fun night make. But at least if you're 4, it's entertainment.

I got home from work last night to find Katie in her room diapering her babydoll (who is actually named "Babydoll" which is easy to remember.  And that's nice.  Especially when she's got a piano named Daisy and invisible friends named Honey, Lola, Goga, Zola, Emma, and Daisy) with one of Jake's diapers. 

I don't mind this so much... now that we've talked about the fact that Babydoll is a D-O-L-L, and as a DOLL she does not dirty a diaper in the same way Jake dirties a diaper and so the diapers Katie puts on Babydoll (for two minutes before Babydoll's diaper gets "dirty" and needs to be changed again) do NOT need to be tossed in the trash.  Becaues they aren't DIRTY. 

So, once we got that established, she was given the okay to use Jake's diapers for Babydoll.  Now, when she wants to throw them "away" she rolls them up and tosses them into Jake's diaper holder.  I'll admit that I panicked a little when I saw the tube of A&D next to her on the floor... in her freshly painted room... but she wasn't actually squeezing any out.  *HUGE sigh of relief*

But the baby thermomator (it didn't work anymore so Katie decided it would make a good baby toy), also on the floor next to her, was a little strange to see.  It was stranger still to see her taking Babydoll's temperature.

I admired (?) her creativity until I heard Jake wake up from his nap.  Usually he plays in his crib for a bit before needing attention, but he woke up crying.  I went to get him and he was really warm so I took his temp (under his arm... and yes, I know that under the arm temps aren't as accurate, but I also know that he isn't going to keep a thermometor in his mouth long enough for a reading... and the other temperature taking method is just too... icky) and it was 102.6!

We decided it would be a great night to go to urgent care.  When Katie heard that a doctor visit was planned, she asked me if she could come too.  And she was very excited.  Now, this is the same kid who insists she's not sick, when it's obvious she is, just to avoid the doctor.  But she loves to come along when someone else is going to be subjected to the process.

Grandma came with us (Jake likes her more than me anyway) and off we went.  I was so relieved to find that we were the only ones there!  Last time I was there with him we were waiting for an hour and it was... difficult.  Especially since Jake has learned that he's big enough to be "seen" by the sliding doors.

It was a quick visit.  The usual crying, the usual 20 questions, the usual... strep test?!  Yes, they did a strep test (Jake seemed to recover from his way faster than Katie did.  I think she's still mad) and it came back negative.  Which was good but now the doctor thinks he has a viral infection and of course there's no treatment for it.  Arg.

We stopped by the restroom on the way out and I went in with Katie.  She did her business and washed her hands and looked around for the paper towels.  When I showed her the air blowing thing (I hate those) she looked at me and grimaced.  I knew it was futile to push her to use it, and Jake was crying in the lobby, so I told her to *gasp* "Wipe your hands on your pants."  She paused for a second... then reached out and wiped her hands on MY pants.  And I let her.  Partly because I was a little surprised, but mostly because at that point in the evening, with snot on my shirt and my hair falling out of my ponytail, I realized that I just didn't care.

We ended up going to eat and then going to Target (yay!).  Then home, where Jake went to sleep AFTER I laid him in his crib.  This is a big thing for us... we didn't sleep train our kids very well (at all) so we usually cuddle them to sleep.  I'm trying to get Katie to stay in her bed and go to sleep as calmly as Jake has done these last couple of nights but, no such luck. Again last night she carried on about me making her stay in her bed.  At least she stayed in her bed last night.  The night before she kept popping out of it.  I was very surprised when she fell asleep without getting up (she only cried for what seemed like for.ever and she only woke up once at about 5 a.m... when she fell out of her bed).  *sigh*  A suitable ending to our night.

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Anonymous said...

You have the most interesting life with your 2 little ones. I can't remember those days but I don't think I was as calm as you are - at least in your blog. Love you. G