Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, the places we've been... Part 1 (otherwise titled "Yes! We were *that* busy!"

Last week was the busiest week EVER.  I think the only weeks that would top this for busyness are the ones in which I have 1) had a baby (did that twice), 2) gotten married (check), and 3) gone on a family vacation with the kiddos to a different state... on a PLANE.  With 2 kids (check.  and check.)

Here's the rundown:

On Monday we (me, kids, grandma and grandpa, and Grammy and Grampy) went to a fun dinner at Texas Roadhouse - they had a kids night so Katie got her face painted, the kids met Andy Armadillo and McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog, ate a free sundae, and we all ate a delicious dinner.  Jake ate tons of bread and chicken AND onion blossom.  I ate tons of bread, steak, and potato.  Katie ate tons of bread and onion blossom.  We were full (understatement... of the year).  And yes, I realize that bread and onion blossoms, while totally delicious, are not a balanced meal, but sometimes I'm just happy they are eating something, and that Jake's staying in his high chair, and that his mouth is too full to start yelling his displeasure about actually having to *stay* in his high chair.

Tuesday was busy for Katie!  I got a call on the way to work, not 10 minutes after dropping Katie off at school and immediately thought something was wrong.  She didn't seem upset when I dropped her off, so of course I assumed that she'd had an accident and needed to go to the hospital or something like that.

But no, the teacher was calling to ask if Katie could go see The Emporors New Clothing!  What a relief.  And of course, I said yes.  This was something they weren't going to take the pre-school kids to because there weren't enough tickets but it ended up working out!  She had fun (not that she talked to me about it much!) and I'm reminded all over again why I'm happy to pay for this each week.  She's grown so much in the last couple of weeks.

Then, on Tuesday, John and I had a *hot date*.  I don't have any pics of that since the area was sterilized and I didn't want to pull out my phone to take pictures.  But I did write about it!

To be continued... Really.  *That* busy.

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