Sunday, June 20, 2010

Katie LOVES Preschool (Alternately titled "I knew she would be totally fine")

Katie made it through a whole week (well, okay, three days) of preschool!

She loved it.  She loved playing outside in the sand, she loved swimming at the big pool, she loved finger painting, she loved the whole thing!

I'm so proud of her!

She woke up on Tuesday, her first day, with a big stretch and yawn.  Her eyes popped open and she smiled at me and said something about not needing to bring her backpack with toys today because there are toys there... and they might even have dishes to play with.

This is a huge step for her.  She usually brings a backpack full of stuff everywhere we go... and then she never opens it or looks at it till we go home and it *must* sit next to her so she can keep an eye on it.

But on Tuesday she couldn't have cared less!

She was ready to go by 7:30 (arg... way too early for me to be up and now I've got to make sure she's ready too?!) and walked right into class like she belonged there.

I said hello to the teachers and took off, planning to head to the store, then home to await a phone call from school... just in case she did not enjoy class and needed her mommy.  But she didn't (and I didn't tell her I was going home... she thought I was heading to work, like normal) and I was glad!

Oh, I did have to go back in.  I forgot (!!!!) to get a picture of my big girl's first day of school EVER so I had to.  It was good timing because one of the teachers had come out to get the camera to take pictures of the kids in Katie's class.  They said it was for their door decoration, and for emergency purposes.  I don't want to know what that means, but I've got a pretty good idea.

When I walked in, she was sitting next to a little girl wearing a pretty dress.  She didn't say anything... but stood with me for about 5 pictures (my phone and the camera) and it was great!  Then I really left and she went back to whatever it was she was doing.

Oh, she has a little locker and brings her backpack (filled with preschool kid stuff like sunscreen, a hat, change of clothes, and Lambie to cuddle during nap time... which she hasn't participated in once.  Oh, sure, she lays on her cot but she doesn't sleep.  She hasn't napped since she was a year old!) and has a great time.

The kids are usually outside playing when I get there so she plays a bit while I talk to her teacher to see how the day went.

Let's see...

She didn't like the animal cracker snack on Wednesday so they offered her Yogurt to go, which she also snubbed.  So I sent along a sandwich and a light and fit peach yogurt because her teacher said she needed some kind of snack.

She went swimming in a POOL for the first time EVER and loved it!

She walks into class and totally ignores me, but her face lights up when she sees me at the end of the day.

She's a little more feisty when we get home... and not in a good way.

She has a friend there, but can't remember her name.  (This strikes me as very funny when she can recite all of her imaginary friends' names on a dime.)

She doesn't really talk much about the day on our way home, but later that evening, or the next night, she chatters away about what she did.

I think I feel pretty okay with this whole "school thing" now.  I was worried but am feeling better... because I know she loves *me* best!

I signed her up for a dance class, a dog class, and a gardening class.  They start next week (I think... have to check the calendar).  She's said she didn't want to do the gardening class but I signed her up anyway.  If she hates it, at least she'll only need to go 10 times.  And she'll need to learn a lot about it because I'm thinking of expanding my gardening efforts next year and will need the cheap labor for watering and weeding and harvesting.


Dorothy Adamek said...

That's funny One Mom! Cheap labor :) I must confess I have resorted to cheap labor myself a few times.
Blessings to your sweet family
Dotti :)

Anonymous said...

Cute story. Katie has grown up so much in just the few days she has gone to school. A much braver girl.