Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Katie LOVES her new, PINK hat! And the winner is...

We have a winner of the "Which hat did Katie choose" contest!

Katie chose the pink hat (because shouldn't everything be pink?) and used it on Saturday until she got too busy sliding on the new slide Grandma and Grandpa bought for the kids.  At that point, the hat was too tough to wrangle as she climbed up the ladder, slid down the slide, ran around the entire swing set, climbed up the ladder, slid down the slide, ran around the entire swing set, climbed up the ladder... well, basically lather-rinse-repeat until you're exhausted just reading this, so she took it off and got back to climbing, running, and sliding.  She had a blast!
Here she is at Target trying everything on:
(She loved those glasses and the purses... why two?  I don't know.  Maybe she was getting one for herself and one for Lola.)

And here she is on Sunday during our pontoon ride modeling her new hat:
(I'm glad I pulled it out again for this.  She sat on my lap during our ride and made me hold the hat on her head because it was too sunny... I don't even think she could see anything!)

And the winner is...


I'll deliver your gift card on Wednesday. Congratulations!

Oh, and more pictures and commentary (and if you know me, you'll know it will probably be of the lengthy sort!) about our fun Memorial Day weekend at the lake will be coming soon.  And no, it won't be as dry as the Texas post but in my favor, I was trying to write down everything we did so I wouldn't forget in case Katie wanted to relive those moments like she wants to relive The Burglar Story starring Grandpa!  (Oh, I haven't written about that.  I don't know if I will.  Katie is fascinated by the story and asks for it regularly, but I don't know how entertaining it would be to others!)

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Anonymous said...

Wooo-Hooo!! I never win anything!!! Thank you, Kristina!!