Sunday, May 2, 2010

Target steals more of my hard earned money (otherwise titled: I shouldn't shop at Target while waiting for prescriptions... twice)

Katie talking to Jake: Jake! Go away! This is not your planet!

Katie to mommy: Mommy, someone just visited me! Someone with a name "Je" and someone with a name "Ga". I was puzzled till I remembered we had talked about who else but Jesus and God a lot today. This was a conversation that took place on the potty and she talked for a long time... I could hear her in there chatting away!

After her conversation with God and before we headed to Target (the first time) Katie asked if I knew when she was going to die.

I told her that only God knows that and she said we should ask him to tell us. I told her that it wasn't for us to know. She was okay to leave it at that because we were heading to ... TARGET!!!

I heart Target. I especially heart Target when I can wander the aisles alone... sigh... but *this* time I brought both of the kids and picked up prescriptions and did some shopping (because its not possible to go to Target and NOT shop!) and headed home. The kids were great. The excellent behavior could have been attributed to the candy sample lady who was giving away Lindor truffles and mint chocolate AND possibly to Jake falling asleep in the cart but wither way, yay!

So, great trip.

Only to find once we got home that they forgot to include TWO prescriptions. So I went back with Katie and bought her a hat for at the lake and bought myself some new jeans. Both things I did NOT need!
But both are super cute!

(Oh, and we picked up the prescriptions too.)

We had a visit from George and Rose and their ADORABLE puppies (Yorkies)

And then John and I cooked up roughly 10 pounds of pork.

But *that* is another post.

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