Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miss Katie goes to School

It's official!  I enrolled Katie in pre-school this morning. 


I just need to pick up the application form and fill it out, get the immunizations and a form signed by her doc, and pay the fee. 

Okay, so maybe it's not "official" official yet.  But Katie has been added to "the list" and I can't wait to tell her!

I think she'll be thrilled.

And all of the things made of paper at our house will breathe a sigh of relief.  Let's have a moment of silence to honor the memory of the stationery and $1 bill massacred in the Great Scissor Debacle of 2009.


So pre-school will be a good thing.  If anything, it might teach her to cut *inside* of the lines.  Maybe if she had cut within the lines in '09, we could have saved George (he's still overwrought and just in pieces over this whole situation).

(Get it, "in pieces"?!  *grin*)

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AskLatisha said...

Congratulations. My daughter started her first year of pre-school last September. It teaches children to socialize, prepares them for the classroom atmosphere and it even helped us immensely with her potty training.