Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kindness can be...

Kindness can be... unexpected.

As I wandered back to my desk from lunch in the cafeteria I held the door open for a guy carrying 5 boxes of pizza.  As we walked down the hall there was the usual small talk like "Where did you order from?", Special occasion?", and "Have fun!"... and after chatting for a minute I was about to turn down the hall to my office when he asked if I thought my co-workers would want any pizza.  (I guess he hasn't been around when free food is put on the counter.)

I said sure and thanks and looked around for plates while I waited for him to take out a few slices.

Instead he gave me... TWO PIZZAS. 


I thanked him (and admittedly I gushed for a few minutes because this kind of thing really doesn't happen) and asked him for his name and felt like a hero (heroine?) when I waltzed into our office with two large pizzas and a big smile.

Everyone asked who it came from and instead of my usual, "I don't know" and following up with "He had eyes, and a nose, and a mouth... oh! and hair!  Does this help?", I could say "Rob, from down the hall, shared his team's pizza with us." 

Oh, and just in case people didn't know Rob (as I did not before this wonderful day), I posted his picture above the pizza boxes along with a note recognizing him as the donator of the pizza.  So everyone can thank him.  Or at least make it a point to follow him around whenever they see him carrying stuff back from the cafeteria.

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