Sunday, March 28, 2010

Katie and the Fat Lip

Yes. Katie fell off of our pink bench yesterday and got a fat lip. There was a. lot. of. blood. She had a little bit of a freak out when she noticed the blood, which she saw every time she looked down at herself since it was kind of a little mess. And when I say it was a little bit of a freak out, well, I'm understating just as much as I was when I called it a *little* mess.

This was not the fun part of our day. I do not like blood. I do not like screaming. I do not like freak outs. I got all three yesterday.

And that was before Jake fell off of our side table. He was fine which always surprises me. His head is so big that I wonder how he manages to avoid falling on it (most of the time anyway!).

Oh, but he does do one thing that I think will eventually end badly... Remember how I blamed Katie for the finger prints on the mirror above the couch?

Well I've seen new evidence that places the blame on anothers shoulders...

Jake seems to think that climbing onto the couch and pulling himself onto the back of the couch then balancing on the top of the back of the couch is fun. He must think its the funnest thing EVER because he does it every chance he gets. And once he's up there he slaps his hands on the mirror or moves the mirror from side to side. And once he's done THAT... he looks over his shoulder right into my eyes and grins as if he knew I would be watching. I'll try to catch him in the act tomorrow and post a picture.

In the mean time I'm posting a picture of my sweet baby girl!

Oh, and before I posted this to my blog, Katie tripped over something as she was bringing her rocking chair into the living room so she could watch Conan with me. She landed on it face first and I held my breath hoping she didn't re split her split lip from Saturday! She was fine, just shaken up.

I guess we should invest in helmets and mouth guards for the kids... since they both seem a little accident prone these days!
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