Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun, Food... Full!

We were at Cole's birthday party last night. Cole made burgers and we had coleslaw, chips, potato salad, and fixins and it was delicious!

If that weren't enough, we had to have the cupcake and ice cream dessert - it came with homemade hot fudge. I just couldn't say no to that!

Katie had a fun time sitting on the stairs... It was her "house" for the night. Aunt C and Uncle M, and her grandma and Kayla all took turns sitting with her so she had a BLAST!

Jake just ran around and had fun climbing the stairs. Up and down, over and over. And over.

We didn't leave till late and Katie went to the lake with her grandma and grandpa.

I got to sleep in since John took on baby duty this morning. I miss Katie but it's fun to have Jake to myself too!

Here are some pictures... Happy Birthday Cole!

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