Thursday, September 10, 2009

All she needs now is a top hat and cane... ba dum ba.

Katie loves to play games with Jacob. She talks to him in baby talk. I heard her last night and she was saying "Oh, you're such a precious boy. Such a precious baby." and it cracked me up!

And when he's in his hi-chair eating she likes to hide behind him and pop out on one side and say "la la la" and then go to the other side and pop out and say "la la la". He laughs so hard at this. She does too! But mommy doesn't always laugh. Not because it isn't cute, because it is! Super cute.

No, mommy doesn't always laugh because it's very hard to feed a baby when my reflexes aren't great and his head is turning from side to side as fast as Katie can move from one side of his high chair to the other (which is pretty darn fast)!

Sooo, we've come to an agreement, Katie and mommy, that Katie will wait until mommy tells her it's okay to play the "la la la game" as she's so creatively called it! :)

Katie does reserve the right to ask every few seconds if Jakie is done eating... and if he can play now... and to say that she's waiting for me to tell her when he's ready. Which kind of distracts him, resulting in head turning, resulting in applesauce or prunes or berries on his face. Oh well. At least they aren't fighting. Yet.

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