Friday, September 11, 2009

Letter to Katie

Dear Katie,

When you take a bath, it is never acceptable to dunk your large bottle of 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash into the tub. Especially if that bottle is open. Especially if you plan on squeeeeeezing it. Lots. Especially if mommy is in the other room changing your sheets (listening for any splashes or silences that may indicate problems) and not watching you with her own two eyes. Really it's not acceptable.

Especially when it's the next morning and mommy has forgotten that the tub was full full full of bubbles and that when the water runs out the slippery bubble film stays.

Especially when mommy is in a rush in the morning and steps into the tub for her shower and notices that it's kind of like standing on a hill... covered in ice... under a waterfall.

Mommy got all the way in before she realized that it might be tough to stand up when her feet are slipping allllll around but soldiered on anyway and started to clean the tub with her foot and well, let's just say that mommy was surprised to still be flexible enough that when one foot went one way and the other foot went the other way... she was able to stay upright. (I'll tell you a little secret... mommy hasn't attempted to do the splits since, well, probably since she was your age so it was a reliefe that she didn't end up on her tushy butt.)

Thanks for understanding.

Much love,

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