Thursday, September 24, 2009

Katie and the strange assortment of toys

Katie's grandma got home on Tuesday night to find Katie standing by the door ready to go downstairs holding:

an empty formula container
an empty bowl of some sort
a play spatula
a play fork
a play spoon
(possibly other play utensils)
part of a box with numbers and letters cut out of the sides
a cover to a knex box
a few knex sticks
AND finally,
a play plastic measuring cup she was holding on to with her teeth because none of the toys were in the formula container or bowl so she ran out of hands.

Before grandma came in, I heard Katie say "I ready to go down now Mommy" and when I looked at her, she had the measuring cup in her teeth and was slouched over holding onto all of her stuff.

I laughed. I laughed. I laughed.

I was laughing when Grandma came in and trying to explain to Katie that she hadn't been invited to go downstairs and maybe grandma was tired... but it was broken up with lots of me, laughing.

Then grandma started to laugh and she said "How can I say no now!" so I helped Katie put toys into the empty formula can and got her all sorted out (while still laughing) and she got to go downstairs with grandma.

Jake was standing holding on to the recliner the whole time this was going on. Just looking at us. Or maybe me. Like I was a little bit crazy.

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