Monday, August 24, 2009

What a weekend!

Katie went to the lake this weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.

Before she left, we had a long question and answer with her about going.

Are you going to be sad if mommy isn't there?


Are you going to cry if mommy isn't there?


You know mommy isn't coming to the lake, right?


So after that, and a cute comment about "remember when Jakie went to the lake last time and we went to that place (the pow wow)... we should do that again" she was off.

No teary phone calls or any concern about Mommy all weekend, okay except for the comment on Friday night that she wanted her mommy, Katie was fine.

Me and John watched Jacob move around the living room without actually seeming to move... Just one minute he was in one spot and the next he was across the room. I should video this so we can play it back to see what really happens.

Oh, and he can sit up all by himself. I'll lay him down and a few seconds later, he's on his tummy and then pushing himself up to sitting. It's crazy. I saw it on Friday night and I was shocked. John was all like "I told you he was sitting up on his own... didn't you belive me?" But I didn't really get it till I saw him do it. He's so big!

We spent most of the weekend doing what we usually do. Changing diapers, feeding bottles, doing laundry, dishes... but it was fun to watch Jake do his baby thing. Usually he's watching Katie play and be a kid so this was new.

He also ate carrots and made a funny face with the first few bites. He got over that and started opening his mouth when he was ready for more. He has a big appetite.

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