Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's official... Jacob is a 20 lb 9 oz, 29" long bundle of joy!

Jake had his 6 month well check on Wednesday evening (only 2 weeks late so... yay mommy for finally scheduling it!) and Jacob is a healthy baby boy.

We (mommy, daddy, Katie, and Jake) got into the room and he looked around at everything. Sat on the scale for his weight without a peep and put up with me getting him undressed.

Katie was very curious about everything and was very well behaved while the doctor asked questions like:

How are his bowel movements?
Is he sleeping well?
Do you brush his teeth?
Do you give him juice?

My responses were:
Fine, I think.

Well, except for waking up once or twice. Once to cuddle and go back to sleep and once to have some formula.

No! I didn't know you were supposed to brush teeth at 6 months (and two weeks).

No! I didn't know you should give babies juice!
(This was a TRICK question since I guess you're really not supposed to give babies juice. The doc asked since it kind of goes along with the need to brush teeth smaller than a tic-tac.

Apparently, babies who drink juice have a habit of also getting cavities if no one brushes their tiny baby teeth for them. Not too much of a shock but I'm glad I wasn't planning to give Jake juice anytime soon.)

Katie, your Super Duper Juice (aka Sunny D) is safe for now!

So after the questions and the eye, nose, mouth, chest, back checks, Jake got a-okay from the doc.

He's in the 90 percentile for weight and 95th for height. (He and Katie are very similar. I think she was 95th percentile for both even through her 3 year well check.)

Then he got his shots and he was not happy. He cried loud but did pretty well. I looked at Katie when it was over and she had her hands over her ears. That wouldn't have been funny all on it's own but when the shots started, she was playing with two of Jakes diapers John stuck in the car seat just in case so she had one diaper in each hand and both hands over her ears. It looked a little strange. :)

We got into the car, Jake fell asleep, Katie told me more than once that she wanted me to be "back here" instead of up there, we got home and ate and that was that.

He was fussy during the night but I don't know if it was his legs, his teeth, or his tummy what with the toots! We'll see if he improves tonight.

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