Monday, July 20, 2009

This felt like a Holiday weekend!

So, those of you with kids ever have a day where everything just goes right? No one's mad, crying, or pouting... nothing gets forgotten when you leave the house... the day is just full of possibilities and fun. That was my weekend!

We stopped at Bonanza on the way to the lake and with Jacob being just a little baby, things can get somewhat loud and end up feeling... the opposite of relaxing. But, on this day, on this visit, he was a peach. He sat in his little car seat on the table watching all of the people and smiling at gramma and grampa.

Katie ate her mac and cheese, shredded cheese, and... well, I forget what else. I actually got to ENJOY my meal, we all did!

We got to the lake and Katie went outside with gramma and grampa to sit on the dock to watch. I kind of thought I would see her a few seconds after the first "booooom" hit but no, she sat outside the whole time! She's growing up so much. Last year we were watching from the sun room with my hands on her ears and her hands on mine. This year me and Jake watched from the sun room. The noise didn't bother him, he drank his bottle and was content.

Everyone came back in and we unpacked and got ready for bed.

The next day we got up and I made coffee cake for breakfast. I didn't remember to pour half the batter in the pan then the topping but mom was there to tell me not to worry about it... she always forgets too and it turns out okay! It did... it was good.

We headed out to the craft sale in chilly weather. Walked around and looked at everything and then I bought a jar of Jalepeno Jelly from the Tastefully Simple lady. She said it was $7.99 which is a lot but I really like it. THEN when she rang me up, she said there was a 10% "handling fee" which I gasped at... but paid because I was a little shocked and, hey, that jelly is good on cream cheese! When I found mom again and told her what happened, she was surprised too but we were already past that booth and moving on. We got through most of the sale when we saw a man playing his guitar and selling CDs. He sang Tennessee Waltz (I think that's what the song is titled) and Katie loved it. She wanted to listen to him and she wanted to sit down. So we did. Sat for three songs and she moved back and forth to the music. Mom bought a CD for someone (I can't say who since it might be a gift) and then we got up to leave. Katie wanted me to say thank you to the man so I did. She really liked his music!

Got to the parking lot and mom offered to return the jelly for me since she finally mentioned that she might have some at home!! Once that was done (Thanks Mom!) I bought raspberry jam from the lady I buy it from every year.

Katie, who started out with $5 from me, then got $1 from Dad, bought a pretty pink bead bracelet, a pillow and blanket for her baby doll, and finally a Tinkerbell coaster - she only had a dollar and it cost $2 but gamma came through with the extra buck. Katie was thrilled and wanted to carry her own bag.

Dad dropped off the car so we could go more into town but we realized that we forgot to get the car seat! So me and Katie drove dad home while mom and Jacob continued on. Dad got out of the car and went inside and Katie was sad - she told me - and wanted to stay home - she told me that too... loudly and while crying. But once we caught up to mom and Jake and did some shopping, she was fine. We went to the Wonderbread store and a "storage sale" which I had never been to before. We mostly looked at everything at the sidewalk sales and other places. Somehow Katie ended up with a stuffed lamb and a Beanie Baby. The lamb is called Lambie now and is a firm member of Katie's stuffed animal family.

I was shocked. Jacob had a bottle just before 8 a.m. and we were out doing stuff and he slept a lot of the day - he ended up eating at about 5 p.m.!

We went home after that and Katie helped grandpa outside with some yard work. Grandpa was pulling weeds and Katie was watching. Mom looked at her pictures to find ones she wanted to print and I napped for about 15 minutes (Jake napped too).

We went to the parade soon after. See the next post for all of the EXCITING details! :)

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