Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last night before dinner Katie had a great time coloring with her crayons and colored pencils on the cardboard piece that was in the crib set I bought for Jake this weekend. We ate pizza and cleaned up and then Katie and Daddy went outside and played with her chalk. They were out there for at least 2 hours, long enough for me to have some snuggle time with Jacob and relax.

Then we all went out on the deck to enjoy the nice evening. The breeze kept the mosquitos away and it was so hot in the house from having the oven on for our pizza and the muffins I was making so it was great to get out.

We didn't do much else, I did laundry and Katie played and Jakey sat and watched everything we were doing. It was a quiet night.

Today we've got to get our tire fixed for the car. It went flat awhile ago and since we've got two cars we've been okay but the blue car, my car, is my favorite of the two and I miss it.

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