Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sometimes I love you.

We were all hanging out in the living room when Katie leaned against my side and said "Mommy, sometimes I love you." I laughed and said I love you too. Then she said "Sometimes I love Jakie and mommy." I asked if she loved daddy too and she said "Sometimes I love daddy... when he puts Caillou on."

Then last night we had a pizza party (we sit on the floor on a towel and eat our pizza) and after we were done, Katie told me "Mommy, thank you for my pizza party. I had fun." She's so good about saying thank you for stuff that we do that's a little different. I hope she's learning it from us but it's probably a little bit from Dora and Caillou too.

Later in the evening, about 8:45 p.m., she wanted to be loud and I told her that it was inside voice time and that mommy was off duty. She asked if she could go into her room and be loud and I said that was fine. She played for a bit and then came out and picked up the step stool and started to go into her room. It took me a few seconds to really start wondering what she was going to do with a two step step stool in her bedroom... then I decided that it probably wouldn't be a good thing and I called her and asked her to bring it into the living room. She did it but not happily. When she was done, I asked her what she was going to do with it and she said "Mommy, don't ask me those questions." So I guess I'll never know. I can speculate though and I think she was trying to reach the burp cloths in the closet that I had to move to a higher shelf because baby doll was going through them at a fast rate... or the baby blankets that are stacked high so she can't reach the top to pull one off.

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