Saturday, June 20, 2009

Outing with Gramma

Earlier this week we went to Costco, then Texas Roadhouse, then Kohls. Well, at Texas Roadhouse Katie stepped on a cement parking spot thing and immediately fell on her side and slid down - it was slippery because it had been raining. I was carrying Jake in his carseat and thought "Uh oh... any second she's going to start to cry" but she didn't. I looked back to see her get up, shake it off, and keep walking! Her forehead didn't even crinkle like she was upset!

Then we got to Kohls and shopped. She got some new Hello Kitty underpants and I got a new nightgown. We were on the way to the checkout and Katie was riding on the front of the cart... just like in the pictures they put on the cart with the little line drawn through it. You know, becuase they aren't supposed to do that! Well, I stoppd to look at a shirt, gramma kept going pushing the cart and Katie stepped off to see what I was looking at. Gramma ran over her just the tiniest bit and Katie started to cry. I started to laugh, gramma headed off down the aisle and Katie was telling me "It NOT funny. Don't laugh!" which of course made me laugh more. I was trying to keep it in, really! But it was even harder when she put her arms on her hips and started to stomp her feet.

She was fine and was happy when I told her I would carry her. I pick her up under her arms with one arm and then I swing her around saying "Where is Katie? She was right here, where did she go?" She loves it... then I look down and act surprised that I'm holding her.

The evening was fun but we're not going to Texas Roadhouse with the kids again. It was so loud and Jake didn't really like it. Which meant Katie didn't like it. Which did not make for a relaxing dinner.

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