Monday, May 11, 2009

Carrots are a kids best friend

Katie likes to go to Cub with grandpa because she gets to ride in the "car" cart. Dad told me that she rides in the car and talks on her phone and every once in awhile she will get out and ask him what things are. Well, it didn't occur to me that I've never seen those special carts at our Cub until mom and dad got home from Cub one night with their groceries and I said something about the carts and dad told me "oh, they don't have them there." I was surprised since he had been telling me that every time they go to Cub, Katie loves riding on the special carts and so I had to ask him where the carts were if not at Cub. I found out that dad doesn't take Katie to the Cub 5 minutes away... no, they go to the other Cub because that's where the car carts are that Katie loves so much. Just one example of how lucky (spoiled?) my little girl is!

Oh, if you've read previous posts you will know that Katie has been obsessed with carrots. I guess Caillou (whiny cartoon boy) had eaten them on his show which made them a must have for Katie. She finally got her carrots the other night. Mom and dad brought them home after their last grocery trip and I asked her "what have you wanted for a long time but we didn't have any?" and she thought and then said "ice cream?" and I said nooo, something else... and she got an excited look on her face and said "carrots?" and I showed her the bag I had hiding behind my back and she was so thrilled! I told her to go show daddy and I heard her run into the living room and then I heard a sound like the bag had been thrown at daddy and I heard her tell him that she had carrots! I never knew that carrots could make a kid so happy. She happily at baby carrots while her grandpa had an ice cream cone. Well, she took the bag into the living room and left it on the coffee table to munch on and when she was distracted (which is helpful when I'm putting away certain toys that seem to multiply... 37 piece dish sets anyone?... or things she just wants to see all of the time... like her precious bag of carrots!) I put the bag back in the fridge. Two minutes later she came back into the living room and asked me "mama, where my carrots?" So I told her that they were in the fridge on her shelf. She ran off to get them before the words were fully out of my mouth.

Yes, she has a shelf in the fridge just for her stuff. Juice boxes, apple slices, pudding cups, fruit cups... carrots. I had to do that when she started to open the refrigerator door all by herself. She can also use the water dispenser on the fridge now too. Luckily she is really good at aiming into her sippy cup. Whew.

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