Saturday, April 18, 2009

Katie and the turning point

I came home from work on Friday and John said "Guess where Katie peed today?" I said where... many peeing options went through my mind and I was very concerned! He told me that Katie had peed in her POTTY CHAIR! I was shocked! She hasn't had any interest in actually peeing in her potty chair EVER and we've never really pushed her but we've had it out so she knows what to do with it (and we've had to tell her that it's NOT for toy storage) but on Friday, John heard the unmistakable sound of a diaper flap being pulled off of the diaper... this is not a good sound and it was odd because Katie isn't a diaper taker-offer or at least she hasn't been one! He looked over at Katie and she was indeed pulling off her diaper... while doing a little dance. He was just about to say something to her when he saw her pull off the diaper all of the way and then sit down on the potty chair... to go potty! All by herself! In the potty! Notice all of the exclamation marks? This was AWESOME and we were so proud of her! Not only did she go during the day, but today when I got up she had gone again! And she continued to go all by herself about 3 more times today. After that first time, I put her new underpants on and hoped she wouldn't have any problems getting them off... and she did great! I took her to the Zantigo drive through without putting on a diaper and when we got back, I thought she was in her room playing with her toys but when she came back into the kitchen a few minutes later, I asked what she was doing and she said goin potty. I told her we better wipe her and she said "I did it Mommy". I told her mommy should check and she told me "I did it already" again... and she had! The whole day she would suddenly disappear and come out of the bathroom without any fuss or fanfare, just doing her business. How cool is that! We did have a moment later in the evening... let's just say that I now know what to do with poopy underpants even though that was never anything I wanted to have ANY experience with! And she knew it was icky so hopefully she'll remember that for tomorrow! These exclamation marks are NOT marks of excitement or joy... in case it's not obvious. :)
Before we left for Zantigo, Katie was playing with one of her birthday toys (farm animals with a string to pull through the middles) and just before we left, I saw her in her room kissing each of them goodbye! She's so funny!
We had a popcorn party tonight and she was impressed when mommy tossed popcorn in the air and caught the kernels! She was so excited to eat popcorn and drink her water and we sat on the living room floor and watched spongebob while we ate. I love being able to do stuff like that with her. We had a "picnic" on a towel on the living room floor a few weeks ago and ate our pizza lunch and drank our juice and just had a really good time together. She is so sweet and so special and so smart!
Jacob sat in his little chair and looked at the fan light the whole time which was funny... and a little strange too! I'm throwing in a few cute pics of Jacob and Katie since it's been awhile!

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