Saturday, March 28, 2009

Katie tells it like it is

Katie surprises me sometimes. Today I was trying to whistle the theme to Caillou... this is a show she really likes. She likes it so much that she will usually watch 20 minutes of it without interruption and has told me to shush because she's watching her show. I whistled the whole song and started it again while both kids were laying on the floor (we had just gotten done with diaper changes) and Katie said "Mommy, stop singing now. Jacob is getting fussy." And sure enough, he was.

Speaking of diaper changes... Yes, Katie is still in diapers at almost three years old. She just doesn't want to adjust to going in the potty chair even though she'll tell us she's going to go in the potty chair every time we're changing her diaper. We actually believed her the first 15 or so times she said it but now we're realizing that she's maybe not too keen on follow through. I've started to tell her that other kids her age are already going potty in the potty chair and that she needs to start too because there are no diaper options after the size six diapers she's already wearing. She agrees that she needs to wear underpants and gets a very excited look on her face when she talks about it but this hasn't proven to be enough incentive. I think I'll try candy - she loves that but I try to limit it so maybe that will get her going (pun intended).

We were eating dinner at Old Country Buffet about 3 months ago with Katie's grandma and grandpa, Uncle Mike and Auntie Jenny and Paige. Partway into the meal Katie looked at me and asked "Mommy, is umpa your daddy?" and I said yes. Then she wanted to know if gamma was my mommy and I said yes... I thought it was so funny that she was putting these pieces together at OCB and it came out of the blue.

One last funny thing that cracks me up... Katie doesn't say Brrrrrr when it's cold, she says Frrrrrrr. Tee hee hee.

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