Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby swings are the BEST and Work? What's that?

Jacob loves his baby swing. We've gotten into a good routine with him - diaper change, bottle, swing. We do this all day. It's on rotation every 3 hours. It works great and I have free time for Katie that isn't centered around Jacob's needs. This week we've baked cookies, made meals together, done laundry, had bath time, played tea party and all the while, Jacob is sleeping peacefully in his swing. I've even napped during a "swing cycle."

Katie's birthday is in a couple of weeks and I can't believe she'll be three years old already! I'm trying to think up a theme and I haven't asked Katie what she wants yet but she'll probably have an opinion... We were at Walmart a couple of weeks ago and walked through the party aisle and she pulled out some Diego cups, Hannah Montana plates, and napkins with another kids character. We've already done butterflies and flowers and pink - all girly and pretty and all "mommy approved"! I guess she's got to grow up sometime and she's always had a mind of her own... she's just been able to voice what she wants better now than in years past.

Well, Katie's feeding her baby doll in my chair so I think I might have a good chance at a little nap!

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